Organization cannot add attachment despite premium plan

I have a subscription for an individual premium membership. Within my vault, I setup an organization to share common and important info with my family. I just noticed that I cannot attach a file to a shared entry. I get a message that this organization cannot do this. What am I missing here? Do I have to grant this specifically?

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Hello @Brausepaul,

Sorry you are having some confusion here. Bitwarden offers quite a bit for users, though as you mentioned some features are premium paid features.
Bitwarden licenses these features with a premium subscription, the premium features can either go for your personal vault, or an organizational vault.

When an item is moved from your personal vault into an organization vault, that item is no longer “owned” by you individually but instead gets moved into the Organization and owned by that Org.
You can purchase a premium membership for either your personal vault, or an organization, or even both if you wanted!
Though if you license features for an organization, members of that organization should automatically inherit and gain premium status for their personal vaults as well, so you only need to purchase a single license either personal or for an organization.

You can see more here

If you decide to make the switch from a personal license to an organization license and have any billing related questions you will want to contact the Bitwarden directly here.


Thank you for your reply, I was unaware of this licensing mechanism for organisations I founded my myself. If I understand you correctly in my use case it would suit my needs to move my subscription to organisation level, so all my family members benefit from this, am I correct?


That’s how I do it, pay for a family organization which will license the Org for any premium features.
This will allow items in the Org to save attachments, generate TOTP 2FA codes, and much more.

Anyone who you invite as a member to the family organization also will automatically get premium features on their personal vault too so long as they are a member.

You can have up to 6 members total including yourself as the owner.
Between all of us for my family with the current price of $40/year it comes out cheaper than an individual subscription too.

I was just looking for the same answer and ended up here.
It’s disappointing that attachments are not available to Premium users.

I have two problems with the Family plan.

It’s just me and my wife, so paying double the cost is not ideal.

But the bigger problem is that the Family plan requires everyone to trust one person to maintain the plan.
This is OK for parents helping their children, but not for adults in the same family unit.
Each adult should be able to pay for their own Premium account, while receiving the same benefits as the Family plan.

The pricing/feature model for the Family plan just doesn’t quite sit right with the philosophy of Bitwarden. To access all features, 5 out of 6 people have to give up some level of ownership.
A family is not the same as a business. A family can be made up of independant users, unlike a business in which the business must manage everyone’s accounts.

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Hey Chad, 2 premiums have access to the same features as a family plan, if you are still having any issues here, feel free to reach out to

Thank you for the clarification. That’s not quite how it’s described on the pricing page.

I’m about to help my wife create her own premium account, and in the meantime I was moving some logins to a ‘Family’ org when I noticed I couldn’t add an attachment.

Ah, sorry for the confusion, yes I see what you mean, the distinction between 1 GB Personal and 1 GB for Organizational items. Thanks for the feedback on this one.