Organisation folders show up when they should not in the Web or Desktop App

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Hi - in the Web App or Desktop App, if I click on “My Vault” I can still see the folders belonging to an Organisation, although those folders are shown without their contents. The Mobile App does not show the Organisation folder names when I am clicked on “my Vault” - the Mobile App behaviour would be the correct behaviour in my view

Hello @glasairnz and welcome to the community,

This is pretty strange behavior. I am on Windows 10 22H2 and running the desktop app

Version 2022.12.0
Shell 19.0.8
Renderer 102.0.5005.148
Node 16.14.2
Architecture x64

with the online cloud web-vault being the latest 2022.12.0 release.
When selecting My vault in both any Organization collections subsequently are removed from the view.

Are you running the latest version of the desktop app, and what installer type possibly?
Are you using the cloud Saas web-vault at https://vault/ or are you running a self-hosted instance by chance?

Hi - thanks for the Welcome. I am running the Desktop App on Windows 11 using the latest installer. I am running the Web App from I am not running anything self-hosted. And my Mobile App (which is working correctly) is running on IOS 16.2 on an iPhone 14 Pro Max

you are probably making a mistake. please send a screenshot.
by the way Organization don’t have “Folders”. Folders are only for personal vault and organization have “Collections”. this is what probably confused you.

Hi Kourosh - with the greatest of respect, this is not what I am seeing. I am happily using many Folders under my Organisation (which only has 1 collection). So it would appear that an Organisation can have folders which is great.

But those folders show up in My Vault as empty folders which they shouldn’t

So - with my Organisation you can see there are entries under each folder:

And when I select My Vault you can still see the Folder Names but they are empty:

This behaviour happens in the Web App, the Web Extension, the Desktop App. But it does NOT happen in the IOS Mobile App. The folders were orginally created while the Organisation was selected if that helps.

Got it! here is the thing:
Personal Vault can have Folders.
Organization doesn’t have “Folder” concept. they only have Collections.
But you can still move an organization item to your personal folders (while the item belong to organization).
So your organization only see Collections and no folders but you can personally move your passwords to folders.