Org Collection User cannot create new items

Currently testing BW and pretty happy with it, except I’m running into a big problem. I have a user which I’ve added to three collections in my org (including default collection). She is unable to create new items at all. The returned error is she doesn’t have permission to edit when trying to save a new item. I know you have to create an item which goes to the “uncategorized” collection and then move them to the correct collection. However, how do users with access to only certain collections create new items?

My situation is I have a database admin that will be storing db stuff and will need access to some collections but not operations collections, etc. So full access is not an option.


Users must first create the item in their personal vault. Then “Share” that item to some collection that they have write access to. If they don’t have admin access they cannot create the item directly in the organization.

Update; This is no longer the case. Users can create items directly into orgs.

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