Option to selectively show items in browser dropdown vault

I use bitwarden for my personal accounts, and I’m the admin for an organization vault. Our business has shared computers.

Ideally, I’d like the ability to customize the dropdown so I could have only my work accounts set up on my work computer and only my personal ones set up at home, retaining the ability to access all items through the full website vault. I can think of two main implementations for this:

  • Choose which vault to show in the add-on dropdown with options for “Just organization” (ideally with each organization a different selection), “Just personal”, “All”, etc

  • Create “Identities” and assign vault items to them under one bitwarden user account, with the ability to choose which identity to show in the dropdown

Having the option to select these in the add-on’s settings directly would be preferred, ideally with a master password prompt.

Currently, when I’m logged into the browser add-on, it displays my entire vault with personal and business information, plus additional stored data like my credit card, form fills, and notes. I have sensitive information locked under “require master password” and the add-on set to log me out, but even if they can’t access or use my accounts and sensitive info directly, the fact that if I walk away for five minutes someone could rifle through my personal account info (aka all information visible when scrolling through the vault, including personal emails, usernames, and addresses of sites I have accounts on) is uncomfortable.

I’ve seen a couple UI requests around vaults and organizations, but nothing that covers these specifically: if anyone knows of an existing post making these requests, please feel free to direct me to it.