Option to select default browser for launching websites from Bitwarden app

Would like to see the option to choose a different browser than the default. Example : a person uses one browser for general searching and reading, but would like to use a more secure browser when opening a site from within Bitwarden.

My practice is a hybrid of what you ask. Why not consider using unique profiles with your browser of choice, such as FireFox by example. I construct separate profiles and then place icons on the desktop that “target” those specific profiles. FF keeps ALL data used in a profile in a unique place for that profile. The profile(s) data NEVER interacts with the workspace use among your other profiles. If you really need secure storage for when you are not using your super private data browser you can tell FF to install the profile data in a mounted virtual drive. Then dismount it when not using it so that the profile data is totally invisible. Not likely you would need that though.

If you need further explanation let us know. This is what I use for my needs. The nice thing is that general surfing around in another profile is invisible to BW and vice versa. Nice.

Of course it would be trivial to simply install two browsers but I like FF and its just as good for this purpose. Adding user agent strings and extensions like that make the browsers maintain different fingerprinting, etc…

@Hrsnblm Welcome to the forum!

Are you a developer who is using Bitwarden’s Passwordless.dev product to add sign-in by Face/Fingerprint/Security Key to your web apps?

If you are instead discussing Bitwarden’s Password Manager product, then we should move your post to the corresponding section of the forum.

However, if your request is related to the Password Manager, then I have to admit that I don’t understand what is preventing you from using two different browsers as you describe. You can install the Bitwarden browser extension only on the browser that you consider more “secure”, and set up shortcuts for both browsers on your computer.

If you are asking for something different, then please provide a more detailed explanation.

Edited to add: Perhaps the following Password Manager Feature Request describes the functionality that you are looking for. If so, you can vote there:

No, I’m not a developer. I though I did post this in the Password Manager Forum.

I do have two browsers installed (I use Chrome for general cruising and DuckDuckGo for sites I want to clear data when I’m done using it). I’m not sure if I’m making it clear, but there are times when I’m going to a site from within Bitwarden and I want it to open DDG, NOT Chrome. Chrome would still be my default browser.


I have moved your thread into a more appropriate forum section, and changed the thread title to be more clear (was: “Option to Select Browser”).

To be clear, are you launching these websites from with Bitwarden’s Desktop app?

Desktop AND Android phone app

In that case, I would suggest that for the Desktop app, you simply use the existing Feature Request thread to vote for or otherwise support this feature.

For the mobile apps, you can start you own feature request (which I suggest you title something like “Specify Default Browser for Launching Websites from Mobile App”). To post a feature request, please use this link to access the Password Manager Feature Requests section of the forum, and click the + New Topic. For the topic tags, make sure that you select app:mobile and cloud-default.