Option to omit card and ID entries from the top-level browser extension menu

This is a copy of Github issue #494, which I can’t find anywhere in this forum. It states:

I added my cards and various IDs into the app but I don’t like how they all show up on the popup or sidebar in Firefox every time I open the app extension. It feels privacy-violating and it would be good to make it optional. I understand the convenience of keeping the layout like it is but it shouldn’t be the only option.

and I agree: having a bunch of information pop up with that menu that isn’t relevant to the page at hand, and the very existence of which may be private (even if not especially sensitive) is a bit cringe-worthy. Even simply stashing under a sub-menu would be significantly better, IMO.

The trouble with this is that its tricky to detect which things from the vault are relevant to the page at hand. LastPass recently started doing just that, but they screwed it up and now, things which ARE relevant to the page at hand no longer appear as choices. That’s one major reason I just bailed on them after being a premium customer for many years. Please don’t go down the same road.

That’s a fair point. I was a bit sloppy in using that term. I care far less about seeing only items that are relevant (in some way) to the page, and more about not seeing potentially sensitive items at the top level of the menu, regardless of their relevance to the page. Specifically, credit cards (cards type) and the names of family members (identity types) are not things I want to see except when I go looking for them.

To that end, I’m going to edit the title to reflect that.