Option to make saved password more accessible or viewable

Add several buttons in the password option to allow viewing passwords in all uppercase letters. This would help in distinguishing “I” eyes from “L” ele’s and “O”'s from “0”'s zero’s and such.

The second button would display a phrase based context oriented password display.

For example is the password is “HOUSE” pushing the button would display

(and I’m thinking of the us military table something that would have to match the country) but…


This might also help people with dyslexia or other reading and comprehension disorders.

They currently identify letters with a white colour code, red for symbols and blue for numbers which helps with this issue.

You can also select in password generator options to Avoid Ambiguous Characters.

I think it might be confusing to have all caps because passwords are cap sensitive.

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I’m not saying to store the password in uppercase I’m saying have an option to DISPLAY the password in upper case. You are exactly right storing it in one case or another would break most passwords that are case sensitive.

When I store passwords a lot of the time I’ll store then in such a way as to help eliminate the ambiguity

Mup%MV5jqWw^V8 - MUP%MV5JQWW^V8

the problem is then I can’t use the copy feature because the password is the sum of 5 tokens concatenated together. Once again just some thoughts on what might make the program better more usable or user friendly.

I take it you’re using the password manager with just CAP and unselecting lower case?

If so you should still be able to copy the whole password even with symbols. Are you using the desktop app or CLI or web vault?

I assume you’re trying to copy by double clicking the password? If that’s how you prefer you can left click before the first charater + shift and click after the last charater, it should select the whole password and then you can copy as usual.

Hope that makes sense and I’ve not misunderstood.