Option to limit login to national IP addresses and disable VPN/Proxy access

I’m a former LastPass user who switched to Bitwarden because of the open source status. I noticed LastPass already offers this and it’s a such a relief knowing fewer people can access my account.

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I feel like this could go along with my suggestion, though my suggestion would litterally just block everything from logging in if you have the setting enabled.

That seems useful but somewhat separate given its limit to Authy specifically used as 2FA. It’s a good 2FA for convenience but given the cloud nature, isn’t Google Authenticator better? Or the ones available if one has premium if even better security is preferred.

@Pako3 I’m only using Authy as an example, essentially my suggestion is a setting to disable new device login. Meaning that nothing would be able to login until you disable the setting on a device that is currently logged in.

That makes more sense and I like that option too.

This feature has already been requested in Country Based Geo-IP Block. If you want, you can vote for it!

This seems to be a duplicate with the above link. @tgreer

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