Option to import from Microsoft Authenticator

Hello Bitwarden Dev Team,

I noticed that you don’t have an option currently available or listed to import from “Microsoft Authenticator”. Hence, could you please check & add that option too, if possible?


Hey @VVR just having a look at this one, and looking at info online, what options (file formats) does it give you for exporting the codes?

Hello @bw-admin so, it gives plain text CSV file as the only option to export the stored passwords.

Gotcha, in the meantime you can export your vault and condition the CSV and add the new items. Just be sure to securely backup your vault data prior to making the changes.

So, you mean while your team works on implementing this option, you’re asking me to refer to the format that’s accepted by Bitwarden and manually to the passwords & make changes?

If so, I understand but it’s going to be real pain for me as I’ve close to 180 passwords. :frowning:

As this is currently a feature request, I’m providing a possible solution/workaround for the time being.

You can copy everything from the Microsoft export CSV into the Bitwarden CSV in one action. You may just need to adjust headers in the Microsoft doc beforehand to match.

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No matter how many passwords you have - tens, hundreds, even thousands - you would just need to modify the CSV file to match a format that BW accepts. This is usually easy enough to do on a global level, so you aren’t manually changing individual rows. For example, you can open the CSV using spreadsheet software and manipulate the order of columns, tweak formats using functions, etc.


I realized this is an old topic but all I did was select the CSV.Chrome format and it worked perfectly, most android apps are Chrome based

It didn’t work perfectly for me. The mappings for chrome and MS Autofill CSV exports differ. It’s poor that MS Autofill isn’t on the list of supported sources and that we are messing about with spreadsheets of sensitive data.