Option to disable Firefox prompt

Since the last update, Bitwarden Firefiox add-on is prompting me to save or disregard a login to an acct that it does not know yet. This new feature was probably added because of this request:

However, while this can be useful it is also annoying when you do not need that feature. The latter is the case on my end.

My request is, to make this feature selectable, like an On/Off option.

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Hi @glewe - you can disable prompts for adding/changing credentials in Settings > Options

Would it make sense to have an option to only disable this when the vault is locked? (prior behavior)

Hi @tgreer ,

thanks, I found the setting. Great.

Yes, I believe when the vault is locked no notifications should show up at all (like the previous behavior).

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Hi @tgreer,
the “Add Login Notification” should prompt you only when you log in for the first time. But it prompts me every time when I log in even if I have already credentials saved for the site. This is a bug and it appeared after the one of the recent updates.