Option to allow browser application remember last position

What with the ability to now add folders I find myself having to navigate the menu structure to retrieve the same password over and over again due to timeouts in the application that requires the password. Each time I reopen the browser application I have to navigate through the structure that I have created. It would be nice to be able to have the browser application remember where it last was so when I change focus, closing the browser application, and open the browser application again it remains on the same screen as it was previously.

Additionally I feel that the menu bar at the bottom should be present when browsing folder structures so that you can quickly return to the home screen of the My Vault tab. This would prevent the user having to continuously keep pressing ‘Back’ just to return to the main menu.

Which browser are you using? Some browsers like Firefox and Opera allow you to open Bitwarden in a persistent sidebar window. You also have the ability to pop-out Bitwarden from the arrow in the top-left corner in all browsers.

While I realize this is different than what you are suggesting, they might help as workarounds for now.

I’m using Chrome.

I’ll check out the pop out functionality. Thanks for that.