Option for 'who can permanently delete items from the trash'

Let’s assume that we have a collection to which 30 people have access - and we want them to be able to add elements.

If they can add, they can also delete.
So, if there is one person in this group who maliciously deletes some important password and deletes it from the trash as well - the administrator will not be able to do anything about it. What’s more, he won’t even know who did it! (that will be another feature request)

That’s why should be an option for who can permanently delete items from the trash.
I believe that by default, only the administrator should be able to do this. This would allow him to restore the deleted item, of course before it disappears after 30 days.

Welcome to the community @Zjemcibigos and thank you for this feedback! I will first check to see if this is something that’s already been discussed; if it has I’ll provide a link to that thread here. If it hasn’t, I’ll be happy to submit this feedback to the team.