Opening an HTML file (as run) in mint linux open Bitwarden instead of browser

When I double-click on an HTML file in Mint Linux (21.1) it no longer opens the default browser, it opens Bitwarden instead. This has only occurred since installing Bitwarden. Is there a setting that would change this?

I’m running Mint Linux (21.1) and when I double-click an HTML file in the Nemo File Manager, it just loads the page into my Chrome browser.

What browser are you using? This may be a browser issue.

Thank you for your reply. Firefox is my default browser. I had already tried Vivaldi, MS Edge & Google Chrome they all react the same. When I double-click on an HTML file in Nemo it prompts run in the terminal, open, cancel or run. If I select open it opens Bitwarden, if I select run nothing happens. As I said this has only occurred since installing Bitwarden. When I tried in the Double-Commander file manager it just opened Bitwarden with no prompts…

That is odd. Have you tried reinstalling any of the browsers?

Yes. I had tried that… Guess I’ll have to wait & see if a system or program update will correct the situation or new symptom shows up that will lead to the cause. But, thanks for your help.

I just hit this same issue. I found that it was because I put a desktop file for Bitwarden in place (~/.local/share/applications/Bitwarden.desktop) and I must have copied it from somewhere because it had MimeType=x-scheme-handler/bitwarden;text/html; in it. I removed the text/html part and I am good.

Thanks for your information. I tried editing the file you suggested but it did not work, but, I found the text that was edited out was back after trying to open an HTML file. So I renamed the file so it would not be found, everything ran fine now & the HTML file would open. I discovered I was running an Appimage file, so I installed the program from the software manager. Everything runs as it should & the “Bitwardeb.desktop” file is not created. So if you want to use the Appimage file do not place a launcher on the desktop so that the “Bitwarden.desktop” file is not created. If you run the installed program from the desktop the “.desktop” file will have to be edited as you found. Thanks so much for your help…