Only store password history when a new password is selected or copied

The password history is getting excessive. Every time I open the password generator a new item history is saved. The only time you need the generated password to be saved is if you copy it or select it.

It would also be nice if the URL of the current tab was stored with the generated passwords.

I was about to ask this question, however someone else did it as well.
Extremely annoying when you use slider to change password length, then it saves a lot of passwords which are useless. Add a option which allow to keep the behaviour as it is and the second option to only store password history if the password was copied to clipboard (either by clicking “copy” or control-c or control-insert shortcuts).

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You can clear the history of generated passwords - at least in the browser extensions.
In the top right corner there is a button called ‘clear’.

Bumping this one.

It’s been about 2 years and I still find it annoying that the password history saves every little one that is generated. The only password that should be saved is the one you use because you selected “copy”. The rest is noise you’ll have to dig through to find the correct one.

It would also be nice if it saved the URL of the tab you generated it on.