“Only include these symbols” field option in Password Generator

Some sites only allow certain special characters in their passwords cause they’re dumb. Have a field in the password generator where we can define which symbols we would like the generator to populate the password with. This would override the default symbols selection.

Yes, I need this too !

Yes, I would like to cast my vote have a list of special characters and then a checkbox next to each so we can define what would go into passwords.

Thank you very much for such a great program


I created an account to request this exact same feature.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll keep an eye on this thread, too.

And to include o’s and 0’s since they look alike. I try to avoid them unless they are printed unequivocally, such as having a slash mark through the zero.

Isn’t that a duplicate of this? Filter special characters in generated passwords per login

This problem seems to be growing even though websites shouldn’t restrict any symbol, e.g., “Password requirement: minimum of one symbol (except ‘!’ or ‘%’).”

I’ve been working around this for years by reducing the generator’s length to accommodate manually typing the allowed symbol(s) at the end or the beginning of the new generated password. But it’s so fussy. Then I have to make sure the password manager stores the correct password containing the manually typed part.

The proposed option would be easy to implement in my opinion.

In the password Generator’s “OPTIONS” section “[email protected]#$%^&* :white_medium_square:︎” include a checkbox next to each symbol character, e.g.,

[email protected]#$%^&* :white_medium_square:
:white_medium_square:︎! :white_medium_square:︎@ :white_medium_square:︎# :white_medium_square:︎$ :white_medium_square:︎% :white_medium_square:︎^ :white_medium_square:︎&


:white_medium_square:︎all :white_medium_square:︎! :white_medium_square:︎@ :white_medium_square:︎# :white_medium_square:︎$ :white_medium_square:︎% :white_medium_square:︎^ :white_medium_square:︎&

Clicking “all” would check every box, then a user could uncheck one or more. Or the user could just check one more more box other than “all.”


:white_medium_square:︎! :white_medium_square:︎@ :white_medium_square:︎# :white_medium_square:︎$ :white_medium_square:︎% :white_medium_square:︎^ :white_medium_square:︎& :white_medium_square:︎(<-- this box would check all the boxes to its left)

The layout of the Generator only has checkboxes in its right margin, but it’d be less than ideal to stack more boxes there rather than modify the generator’s layout a little and provide horizontal boxes just for the symbols section.


I too would like to see this; something like YM123 John’s first interface suggestion would work well. Currently I generate a password without special characters, paste the password into a text editor, manually type in the special characters I want to use, and then copy/paste the fixed password into the web site needing the new password. This is less than optimal from my point of view.

Off topic, I would like to see the comma character added to the special characters list. That’s the one I add most often.

Please note that non all Bitwarden symbols are accepted.
For example, I always generate strong passwords for my MySQL databases.
But it seems that some characters are reserved (@, &,) and cannot be used.
It would be useful to be able to choose with characters to use.
Other password managers allow you to do this by simply providing your characters/symbols in a single text input field (as opposed to the Bitwarden checkbox to enable or disable the default symbols).
My 2c.

Absolutely. And most frustrating, these are often financial institutions.

Yes, I agree. Many sites limit that characters.

We need this feature