One TOTP for free for an unverified Bitwarden account

I would love for the free account that you start with before you verify your email in Enterprise to have the ability to use just one TOTP.

The reason for this is our new users who are coming into the agency, and with Microsoft’s new security protocols, need to set up an authenticator app before gaining access to their email. I would love for this to be their Bitwarden account. I tried this yesterday, even though I had invited a test user into our Bitwarden enterprise organization they were unable to use the premium features until their account had been verified, they can’t get into their email until they set up MFA in O365, so they can’t use Bitwarden as their be-all-end-all authenticator which means they will probably not end up using Bitwarden. If I can start them out with Bitwarden then I think I can get them to use it exclusively for passwords and TOTP. Many of our staff do not have smartphones or are unwilling to add an app to their smartphone as we do not provide stipends. Bitwarden was our work around for this issue, but the timing of the set up appears to be a preventing factor. If there is another option that I am not considering, please let me know. Just having one TOTP would give me the ability to get these new staff set up in their outlook email and then they could verify their account and get the full premium features.

Thank you for this consideration.

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Perhaps even limit the free TOTP the email acount associated with your bitwarden login. Even beyond bootstrapping corporate email, it would help better secure bitwarden accounts themselves.

Microsoft has a Temporary Access Pass to solve the bootstrapping issue.

But honestly, Even though I am all-in on Bitwarden, I prefer MS Authenticator for MFA with Office365 simply because I can then use push-notification to authenticate with less friction. Other than that, MS Auth is terrible (no sync between devices, no auto-fill, no export, etc.).