One-click generator for both username and password

Add a button that would with 1-click/tap generate both username and password for a new entry in the Vault.

Default settings for both username generator and password generator would be used

Now I have to:

  • click generate username
  • click Regenerate button
  • click Select
  • click generate password
  • click Regenerate password
  • click Select
  • Save
  • Prefill

With this new feature, I do

  • click Generate Credentials → they would show up in one overview, with option to edit each if needed
  • Save
  • Prefill
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I just came with the same thing and wanted to start a topic.
When I set up a new account somewhere, the hint option to save the login password does not always work.
This is frustrating, a “magic wand” would be a great option.

Please also have this tied into the Identities. I don’t a default username in the identity, I want a default username generator in there. Same with a checkbox to have my passwords auto generated.

They already have all the magic! All they need to do is marry their two systems together.