On the mobile client, an autofill cannot be done on a website or app not yet registered

Not sure if this is an issue on desktop.

On the mobile client if I want to autofill say a Google account on a google app (or alternate google website) that has not yet been registered to that account profile nothing will show up.

This is expected since its a different URL, but I cant autofill with any account profile now.

What I am suggesting is an option that once I press autofill on my login, I can select any of my account profiles to login, that way I dont have to exit the app any copy and paste my username and password manually.

It would just kind of speed up loging in on an app.

I’m not sure about Android, but with iPhone, if there’s no logins showing, you use the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the password pop up, and it’ll allow you to search and fill in with a password from another site/url.

Please excuse the crude scribbles I was using my phone haha

@Hunter369 keep us posted if @Ablac’s reply (which is the same function on all GUI clients) doesn’t work.

The hourglass now goes through all my profiles, it never used to do this but it works. Thanks

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