"On System Idle" lock option

Add lock option for when the system goes idle. Browser API: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/idle

GitHub Issue: https://github.com/bitwarden/browser/issues/173

It should have customizable different timeouts to:

  • lock
  • log out
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Quite easy to implement probably. There is already an ‘auto lock’ dropdown. Just add a checkbox in options or anywhere to toggle ‘absolute’ vs ‘idle’ time.

I’m also upvoting for awareness.

This is basically one of the few issues before I can 100% port everything over from Lastpass. The current functionality of idle lock is counterintuitive and will become disabled if you accidentally leave the sidebar open in one of your windows. Also see Inactivity lock should depend on page loads instead of the tab being open

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LastPass already have this feature:

  • Automatically Log out when all browsers are closed – Specify when LastPass should log out of your session upon closing all web browsers that are in session with LastPass. Check the box to enable this feature, and when you relaunch a web browser, you will be asked to enter your Master Password. If you want to stay logged in to LastPass upon browser close, leave the box unchecked. This setting is disabled by default.

  • Automatically Log out after idle – Specify the maximum amount of idle time (no keyboard and mouse activity) that you want to have pass before LastPass automatically logs your account out of all active sessions across all web browsers. After the specified amount of time (in minutes), an inactive LastPass icon is displayed to indicate that you have been logged out. If you want to remain logged in to your LastPass account via the web browser extension regardless of idle time, leave this setting unchecked. This setting is disabled by default.

I’m also bumping this for awareness, the lack of this feature is not a deal breaker, but a real annoyance. While a user is still using actively using the browser, it makes no sense to get logged out of your account. I know that Lastpass implemented this in 2 different ways: Logout after the browser has been closed for X mins, Logout after idle of X mins. The former is a nice bonus to have, but not necessary. However, the latter shouldn’t be hard to implement.

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I also think that an "On System Idle after X minutes " lock option would be a great addition, I would only use that option if available. Dashlane has something similar to that. I hope it gets implemented sometime.

After using this software for two weeks, this is my biggest annoyance and will force me to continue using 1Password as my primary password manager.

It is SO annoying having to enter your password each time you reopen your browser.


This feature is complete in https://github.com/bitwarden/browser/pull/1159

It uses the same timer, but will only lock when idle.

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This feature is really necessary for the browser add-on. As an Enpass user I really miss this feature.

Also quite suprised this feature is requested so long ago and still not implemented.


Would love this for the browser extension as well, if I didn’t move my mouse for x minutes lock bitwarden, pretty much all other password managers have this function, and at least for Firefox they have a idle API.

Yes. Please add this. Just switched from LastPass on Firefox and miss this feature terribly.

Why don’t they merge Ajay Ramachandran fork, who implemented this some time ago?
Why are you so ignorant to idle requests? I am considering become a premium user (as I was at LP), but without idle time logout, I will consider other options.

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I agree. This having to unlock the vault after each browser close and reopen is getting old. Please implement this soon.

This is a necessity!

I find it extremely discontenting that this basic feature isn’t implemented yet, even though there is a open PR that would do this that the developers are seemingly ignoring. We were actually considering paying for Bitwarden for my team where I work but without such basics it doesn’t look good compared to other paid options.

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I just switched to Firefox and miss this setting in the Bitwarden plugin.