On premise install on Windows with on premise DB

Hi community,

I would like to introduce bitwarden to my employer. For reasons this installation must run completely locally, storing data in the cloud is not possible.
It would be nice if the server could run on a Windows server and access a MSSQL DB on the network. Everything I have read so far or seen on Youtube stores data in the cloud. Clients would be mainly Windows 10 computers accessing via web browser (Chrome, Firefox).

If the test is successful, other departments could decide to use the tool. The data would then have to be strictly separated and each user would only be allowed to see the data that belongs to their department.

If bitwarden could access the AD to enable SSO, that would be very helpful.

Can bitwarden meet these requirements? I really hope so, because our current solution is horrible…


See here:

Hi @OhNoNotAgain and welcome to the community,

I would say this is definitely something that Bitwarden could work with given your current requirements.

I would suggest reaching out to contact the official team to go over your specific scenario and any further questions if you haven’t done so already.