On-Premise | Docker Desktop Licensing = Barrier to Entry

We want to use Bitwarden on-premise, but the Docker costs are more than the Bitwarden costs. Right now, we want to start off with only a few Enterprise users (<10) which would be about $50/mo. But, Docker has told us we would need to spend >$500/mo in Docker licensing…just to run Bitwarden. This is because nested virtualization is only available in Business and Docker only sells Business with a minimum of 25 seats.

Cloud is not an option for us. We currently do not use Docker for anything within the company. This seems wrong so wanted to see what if any other options there are, i.e. alternatives to Docker? We’re not too keen on manually installing Docker due to the manual security updates.

You should have a look at this thread… Install Bitwarden without Docker - #22 by tgreer
Didn’t get all the way down to the end, but there’s also a fork of Bitwarden, called Vaultwarden that might meet your needs.
How to Install Vaultwarden on Ubuntu 22.04 - Eldernode Blog

Thanks. However, we would rather use Bitwarden Enterprise and keep it all supported.