On Desktop App, master password to be introduced in Secure Desktop (like in KeePass)

It would be nice if this feature would be implemented, for security reasons (against keyloggers - most currently available keyloggers only work on the user’s primary desktop and do not capture keypresses on the secure desktop. I know that keyloggers can be developed to also work on secure desktop, but a little more security is better that less).

For example, KeePass (v2 above) has an option to show the master key dialog on a different/secure desktop, similar to Windows’ User Account Control (UAC).

I think this is a great idea, I’d love to see it implemented.

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Support for “Secure Desktop” in Windows app will be great.

BTW Sourceforge Bitwarden description is little misleading

Bitwarden Desktop Application
Secure desktop password management application

Until “Secure Desktop” is implemented, best workaround is to run Bitwarden app on Windows “as administrator”, because keeloger running as user cant read keystrokes from elevated apps.