Offline syncing of attachments


We have an on-premises solution running that is accessible from our office network, and we use the desktop app/extensions to allow offline access to our passwords while not at the office.

However, the attachments to our entries are (unlike passwords) not synced offline - would this be possible to implement?

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You might want to check this out:

I would say that’s a different feature they are asking for, isn’t it?

What I think @Dara is asking for is for the possibility to access the attachments when offline, not modifying them. That could be accomplished caching them on the client, as it’s done with the items themselves.

I also guess that this should be configurable per client, as with very big attachments, this could fill the disk quite fast. What do you think @kspearrin?

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Need this as well, for mobile app. Travel use case.

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In some cases such as been in an airplane without internet there may be a need to view attachments such as passport information, it will be great if attachments are also stored locally

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