Offline password creation, saving and editing

I service equipment at remote sites. Some sites are so remote they don’t have phone or internet.

Despite this lack of internet I still use bitwarden as I am still connecting to the web interface of isolated devices to troubleshoot, update firmware and backup logs. In BW I search the name of the device then use the “launch” feature to pull up the correct ip address in the browser.

Sometimes i install new equipment or update firmware and the new software requires a password with stricter requirements. There is no way for me to save the new password in bitwarden unless you have WWW access.

I have to generate a new password save it in a txt file on my desktop. Then hope at some point I remember to update my vault when I’m connected to the internet again.

Why can’t it be saved to a local vault and sunk to the cloud later?

Immediately updating the “master copy” avoids “replication or save conflicts” caused by making conflicting changes to a single vault entry on two different off-line devices.

If a conflict arises show the device and time of the changes allow the user to choose which they what to keep or offer to amend one of the names to xxx2

Having no functionality isn’t better than the option I outlined above.