Offer Saving New Signups/Password Updates on Desktop Browsers

An optional feature that can offer to save the entered username and password after signing up for a new account or offering to update a password after it has been changed via Bitwarden’s desktop browser extension. Basically something along the lines of how LastPass, 1Password, and Dashlane does it. I don’t mind entering it manually but I have family members and clients who are less tech savvy and they have come to expect this behavior from the other major services.

Is this in development already?

Hi @MONKiPASS - could you clarify? The browser extension currently prompts for saving new and updated credentials. Some sites don’t play so nicely, but the feature is there today :+1:

Thanks for the quick response! And sorry about not being clear enough.
I meant that if autofill is selected it fills in the username and password into the respective fields without even having to tap on the user account in the extension. Excuse my ignorance, maybe you guys have not done that because that is a security risk but it is how LastPass is doing it and they also allow to select another account or generate a password from that icon that shows up on the right side of the password field. If this is not making sense I will send screenshots :slight_smile:

Ahh, something like this?

Yes that’s it. Is that being added?