Is there a way to stop getting an email everytime I log in?

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Yes, use the same IP address, device, and browser as you’ve used to log in previously. You only get an email notice if Bitwarden detects a login from a new device.

Always with the same computer and browser.

Do you use a VPN? Or do you frequently change locations (e.g., libraries, internet cafes, home, work, public WiFi hotspots)? This would alter your IP address, making it look like a login from a new device.

IPv6 temporary addresses change every 24 hours typically too, which might also cause it.

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So there is NO way to turn this off? Seriously? I absolutely LOVE Bitwarden, but this is like a deal breaker. Unless I can find out some way to trashcan the emails, because they serve no useful purpose that I can discern. Nothing that couldn’t be equally served by a “Your last login was: X Date and Time on Windows in Chrome.”

Hopefully others will be able to help troubleshoot why this is happening for you, but in the meantime you could set up a filter to direct these emails into a label, trash, or mark as read.

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There is no way to turn off the notifications if you are using Bitwarden’s servers. I see now that the “self-hosting” tag is selected for this topic, so there may be some configuration that you can do, either in the Bitwarden server environment variables (maybe try setting BW_ENABLE_NOTIFICATIONS=false, although I’m not sure if that is only for SMS notifications), or in the mail handling rules used by your SMTP server. What email server are you using for SMTP?

Alternatively, as suggested by @JeremyCouch, you can simply filter your incoming emails.

In addition, is there a reason that you are logging in and logging out so frequently that the email notifications are becoming a problem for you? Most users just keep their vaults logged in at all times, and use locking/unlocking to secure the data.