Not matching equivalent domains on Android

Domain Rules are working well when logging in through Chrome on Windows. I attempt login to the same domains on Android (Chrome and Opera) and entries for equivalent domains are not found.

(Note: broke up hostnames because the forum won’t let me post more than two links.)

For example, bitwarden has siriusxm .com and sirius .com as equivalent. I have a password entry for mcare.sirius .com. When I attempt to login to the Sirius website, I end up at mcare.siriusxm .com. Yet bitwarden does not show my password entry as an option when using Android.

I’ve ensured that the two Android settings described at are properly set. Is there some other configuration I need to set?

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I was reading through the Bitwarden reviews on Play Store and saw a note that Bitwarden suffered some issues until the phone was restarted. I restarted my phone and the equivalent domains are now working!

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Thank you for coming back and posting your findings. You may have just saved someone from an hour of “toil” over the same issues.

Restart fixed it for me too, thanks!!!

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Thanks for this, had the same issue and the restart did fix it for me too.

two years later this solution still works. Restart your phone