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Hi, new user coming from LastPass, was able to import everything fine, enabled Auto-Fill on page load and for Default URI match detection I selected Base domain in options and it works on all the sites I tested except for where I have a few email accounts. When I type in in Chrome, click on Sign In button, it goes to:

and does not automatically auto fill any of my email addresses into form like it did in Lastpass. All the Bitwarden entries have the URI in them and surface in browser extension icon. I tried clearing cookies. It auto fills fine when I manually right click form field and select Bitwarden > Auto Fill > and select the desired email account but shouldn’t it auto fill the last used email address without me having to do anything like it does for other sites and did in Lastpass?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you are able to provide.

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Hello MorningSleeper,
Welcome to the community

Auto-fill on page load is disabled by default for security reasons. To enable autofill on page load:
Open the browser extension
Go to settings
Scroll down and Options under Other.
Then enable Autofill on Page Load.
It is an experimental feature, it may or may not work

To cycle through your recently used logins, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask.

Thanks for reply but not sure why you are providing instructions on how to enable such when as I mentioned in my post I already did. It does not work for the site mentioned. I understand it is experimental and if it simply does not support Microsoft sites, then that is the answer. I am aware of the keyboard shortcut but not interested in that.


@MorningSleeper Welcome to Bitwarden!
I believe you are not alone when autofill doesn’t work on Autofill on page load doesn’t work and has never worked for me either on that particular site. However, I’m not sure what’s the reason, and if it’s possible to fix it @tgreer .

Also, you can vote for any features you want, such as Overlay popup interface, which, in my opinion, would make “manual” autofill easier to use. Hope that helps!

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Thanks for confirming it does not work for you either Nat. With 100s of millions of Outlook users I am hopeful someone from Bitwarden will take a look to see if it can get fixed.


This a million times!

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@MorningSleeper If you want, you can contact Bitwarden support at Contact | Bitwarden, and they will give you very detailed instruction on how to use “Custom Field” and “Inspect” to make Bitwarden autofill on Outlook/MS account. I’ve tried it before and it really worked!

Thanks @Nat, I have contacted them about the issue in general. While awaiting a reply I did follow the instructions on their page at

While I was able to get the email to auto fill on page load the password form field on the next page would not auto fill on page load. I tried a custom form field type of Hidden using the element’s:

  1. id of i0118
  2. name of passwd
  3. aria-label of Enter the password for [email protected]
  4. placeholder of Password
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@MorningSleeper I couldn’t make hotmail/outlook autofill the password either using custom fields. I guess you could only wait for the reply of customer support :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, will do, thanks for trying.

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Received reply, was told developer was aware of issue, hopefully, they will be able to fix it. If anyone has an issue with auto fill on load not working, you can now report specific sites at the following URL


@MorningSleeper Thank you very much for sending the link! It’s really helpful!

@Nat, your welcome!

Thank you, added to the link. I also just moved (am moving) from LastPass but does not work.

While not on page load, the CTRL/CMD + Shift + L hotkeys will fill in the credentials, too.

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Yes, I use the CTRL/CMD + Shift + L hotkey, which makes me a happy camper :slight_smile:

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