No username/password for smtp relay server

hi all,

is this the only place where i set up my smtp relay server

i have set it up but its plain open ie no username/password as its an internal smtp relay server, so in this case, what do i put down in username/password


Hello @robertkwild
I haven’t been able to test this personally but have been meaning to get an open SMTP relay on the network for this. My current lab setup connects directly to my hosted email service so auth and TLS is required.

I did find this however, so presumably so long as you can verify SMTP to your relay service can be sent from your BW host machine, you should be able to just leave the fields blank for Bitwarden to sent to your SMTP relay and recieve emails from your self-hosted instance!


shall i delete false for ssl aswell as my internal smtp relay server isnt set up for tls or ssl?

Not entirely sure again as I haven’t been able to verify but hopefully you can test and let us know!

From what I can see it seems that you may want to delete this variable as either option will result in some form of SSL/TLS.

Here is a handy link with some further detail on the optional variables, and possibly some others that you may use for your setup.

can i put in a from sender, as i think i need that in there aswell

Correct, I believe this would be required. Depending on your SMTP relay settings you should be able to put just about anything here from your domain, as long as there is proper email handling for that address.
Either a full mailbox, or set to allow any * wildcard type email address.

so im adding my email here

[email protected]

do i need to add another line


ok ive changed to my o365 details but still doesnt work, is there any logs or any other settings i need to change

Just as a note here:
When you make changes to the environment variables used are you running the rebuild command, this will ensure that the new settings are applied.

Whenever you make changes to global.override.env, perform a ./ rebuild to apply your changes.

There may also be some relevant logs in the global logs for Bitwarden.

By default, globalSettings__logDirectory=bwdata/logs.

What about if I haven’t got a rebuild comand as it’s a self hosted install

I downloaded the bwdata structure only and downloaded installed the dockers manually

Is there anyway to reread the env variables without the script

I have done this

Think it’s this

docker-compose -f ./docker/docker-compose.yml up -d


it was docker compose up -d

i did have to put false variable in the ssl line as when i did docker up and docker ps, admin identity and a few others were just on a restarting loop

Ahhh thanks for letting us know further detail and your use case.
Yeah most self-hosted installs are done with the Bitwarden easy install script and not manually installed with the docker containers, or possibly dare I imagine someone experimenting with installing it from source and somehow running on bare metal.

I haven’t personally touched the manual docker install options so it is good to know it still functions as one would expect with a standard docker-compose.
Albeit I got a tad confused reading the documention as it mentioned the docker-compose.yml environment variables, variables located in the global.override.env file, and the actual download contains its own docker/global.env :confused:
Haven’t had time to wrap my head around with this install method and get all the nuance, but hopefully something to play with soon.

Glad you got it working, and thanks for reporting back your issue with the SSL variable


Hopefully this can be of use to anyone else who may come across it in the future.

I know I’m using the docker stubbed version ie installed it manually

How easy is it to migrate over to the new install script version ie copy my existing data and database over

Mhmm not entirely sure about this one as I haven’t messed with the docker-stub version myself.

I can try to load this up on my system when I have further time, but I assume you may just need to restore the original database along with any required file attachments, etc.

The support pages for migrating hosts and restoring a backup may assist you further.

Hopefully these can help :slight_smile: