No translation to German for card -> brand -> other

When I create or edit a card I can choose the brand. In the german version of the Windows app the translation for “Other” is “Sonstige”. This is fine. But after saving the card “Other” instead of “Sonstige” is displayed in the detail view and in the list on the left side. So the german translation is not displayed.
The same problem exists in the Chrome extension. And it exists on the website. Moreover on the website “Sonstiges” instead of “Sonstige” is displayed in the dropdown box.

We actually crowd-source the translations :slight_smile:

You can take a peek and contribute any translations/adjustments if you’d like:

The translation in crowdin seems to be ok. Actually the selected value should not be translated to English. I tested it in the Germand and French version and the value will always be translated to English. In the dropdown box in edit mode it is ok but not in the UI after saving.

Thanks for taking a look, I’ll see if perhaps that string isn’t localized.

@tgreer I can confirm the issue @Thomas_S is experiencing. I’ve upvoted the translation for web as “Sonstige” fits better and is the same in other clients.

The issue is though, that it’s not a label that is missing a translation or an i18n flag. Instead it’s the ‘other’ entry coming from cipher.card.brand. It’ll either be a change to add-edit-component in jslib or the more specifc one for the desktop. Quickly scanning the app/code I didn’t find a similar scenario, which I could’ve attempted a fix (getting late in Germany). I’d need to have a closer look. A rather minor issue but wouldn’t harm to open an issue at and link to this post.

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