No Premium option in Bitwarden hosted on NAS

Hello all,
I have a hosted vault container on my NAS and I’m trying to add the premium but have no option to add it.(see pic)
Is there something wrong here or is this not an option?

Thank you for the help

This might be of help:

Self-hosting Bitwarden is free, however some features must be unlocked in your self-hosted instance with a registered license file. A license file can be obtained from the Bitwarden-hosted Web Vault by either an account with a Premium Individual subscription or by the Owner of a Families or Enterprise Organization.

Source: License Paid Features | Bitwarden Help & Support

Unfortunately that is of no help as I already tried that. I do not have the premium option on my hosted account.

Are you running Bitwarden_rs? (Now Vaultwarden) ?

Sorry all, I know this is from May but I had a busy summer and now looping back around to figure this out.
I have recently updated my bitwarden to vaultwarden in my hosted setup in Synology NAS.
The problem I have is my hosted setup does not carry over to the where I have my premium membership. Is there something I’m missing?
Thank you

Bitwarden hosted
Hosted image

Bitwarden online vault
Vault.bitwarden image