"No logins available" for address without subdomains and with port

I have a local server, whose website address is in the form https://myserver:1234.

Until some time ago, the credentials were found, but recently, BW is not able to find the credentials anymore.

I’ve tried deleting and readding them; “Add Item” detects the address correctly, when when it comes to finding them (both with Alt+PageDown and context menu), it doesn’t find the entry.

It may be related to the presence of a port (although if I remove the port from the stored URI, the problem persists), or maybe to the latest Firefox upgrade, or something similar.

How can I debug this? Is there something I’m missing? It’s something unique to this address - all the other logins work as intended.

I’m on a Linux desktop, with Firefox 108.

Hey there, have you tried setting your match detection to host or exact?

That did it. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: