No icon for Bitwarden app within the task bar (Windows 10)


On Windows 10 , when I minimized the Bitwarden application , there is no icon for Bitwarden within the task bar but instead a blank rectangle (circled in RED within the screenshot)

Is this something already known ?
Thanks in advance


Just tried myself and is fine, most likely you have an issue with the icon cache. Try right clicking in the icon and looking in the properties. Set the icon to any other and then back to Bitwarden.exe. If that doesn’t fix the issue you need to purge your icon cache.

Thanks , tried changing the icon first, rebuild the icon cache but with no luck.
Removing & Reinstalling Bitwarden fixed the issue :grinning:

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Well… that’s the Windows way. Is that or restart, glad its fixed.

I had the same issue on Windows 10. This thread lead me to looking at the icon file for the application in “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs” It had the correct icon here but when you right click on Bitwarden and choose properties the icon wasn’t correct. Clicking Change Icon… it showed the correct Icon to pick from. Picked the icon and choose Okay. Then clicked Apply on the Bitwarden Properties window and a Access Denied Alert box popped up needing administrative permissions. Clicking Continue on the alert was successful. Closing the Bitwarden Application and re-opening it now shows the correct icon.

This issue showed up when I did a upgrade. So wondering if there was just a funky permissions issue that happened to a few users. Put detailed steps here incase others run into the same issue. Easy fix.