'No Folder' Folder to contain only personal vault passwords

No Folder “Folder” should contain personal vault only items

  • When I access the “No Folder” section of the site, it shows all our collection passwords from the organization. This would be because they too have “no Folder” but they should not be in there

Feature function

  • This feature would allow people with an organization
  • For people who have passwords without a folder assigned, it will group them all without including the organization vault passwords too. This is particularly helpful as the No Folder section will show everything in alphabetical order, so your personal passwords are all mixed in with the organization vault stuff

Hi @techwits,

Currently items shared from an Organization to a user will show up in that users personal vault.
For any items that you do not wish to show up in a users personal vault, the user can be removed from the collection.

I do not believe there is a way to have separation between personal only, and Organizational items at this time but possibly something that could be configured with tags, or other community feature requests we’ve seen.

Currently the items in an Organization collection will show in a user’s personal vault but can be set by an individual user in a user’s personal vault to folders created by the user.
If users leave these organization items without a folder, or personal items then they will show up in the No Folder section of the vault.

Note: I believe Owners and Admins will still have access to Collections that they have not been explicitly given if accessing via the Organization web-vault as these roles are assumed to have control over the Org and collections.
If Owners and Admins are not set to have access to a collection though, the Organization items will not show in the users personal vault for things such as the web-vault and mobile apps, etc.

That is the issue I am expressly identifying. Folders are personal vault, collections are organization vault. So, when I head to the folders section, and visit the “No Folder”… Folder =) I should get things that are in my personal vault that are not assigned to a folder.

Instead, I am greeted with what I requested, plus everything in collections in the organization because collections are not folders.

The feature request asks for exactly that, the “no folder” folder (so the personal account root as I see it) should be JUST personal records that are assigned to “no folder”

Not a big deal at all but… I encountered the same “issue”. I was organizing my vault where I had lots of unassigned entries, and the “No Folder” folder is acting like “All Items”. This way I couldn’t see what was left to put in place and had to go one-by-one. Again: not a big deal. Just found this thread and thought could’ve been useful to say mine. Cheers