No Favorite Star

I want to add select items to my Favorite folder but don’t see a ‘star’ at the bottom right of an edited item. Instead I have a ‘Move to Organization’ icon where I would expect the star. Can someone advise why this is? Perhaps I have something misconfigured? Thanks!

@nschloss Welcome to the forum!

You tagged your post app:desktop. In the Desktop app, there is no star. When you edit a vault item, there is a checkbox labeled “Favorite”, which is located just below the “Folder” selection, and just above the “Master password re-prompt” option. Check the “Favorite” check box to make the item a favorite. It works the same way in the browser extension.

However, I don’t see a “Move to Organization” option in the Desktop app, so I suspect you may be in the Web Vault app, and not in the Desktop app. In the Web Vault app, you need to actually click on the item name to open the Edit screen. If you have opened the item (and can see all of its fields), then you should also see a star icon (:star:) in the lower right corner, right next to the red trashcan icon that is used for deleting the item.

If none of the above matches what you are seeing, then please post some screenshots (after redacting any sensitive information).

Version 2023.9.1
Shell 24.8.5
Renderer 112.0.5615.204
Node 18.14.0
Architecture x64

This is what I’m using - pretty sure it’s the Desktop app. When I use the instructions you provided for the Desktop app, it works as you said. Thanks for your help!

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