No confirmation E-Mail after changing MasterPW

I just changed my MasterPassword and my E-Mail-Adress in my BitwardenAccount. Afterwards I did not receive the confirmation E-Mail. So I could not confirm the changes. But now my account is locked! What can I do??

Assume you checked your spam folder for the email?

yes. But I think I did not have my E-Mail account activated at the moment when they sent the confirmation e-mail

So maybe this is the reason why the confirmation E-mail got lost…

@Cat1 Welcome to the forum!

If you did not enter the confirmation code from the confirmation email, then your login username is still your old email address. On the other hand, changing the master password is immediate, and does not require a confirmation email. Have you tried logging in to the web vault using your new master password and your old email address?

You are a genious!! This has just worked out!! Thank you so much

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Glad I was able to help! :rocket: