No autofill OneNote 2021 on Windows 10

Due to all the bad guys out there on the web I set a password on OneNote. Bitwarden does not autofill the password I created.

Note: This is not OneNote on the web. This is OneNote that’s part of Office 2021. I don’t use Office 365.

Bitwarden does not autofill apps. You can vote for the feature request here.

Actually, it sort of works on Android. It’s clumsy though. I have to wade through five different entries before I find the one for OneNote.

As far as Windows 10 is concerned. I believe I said that I’m NOT using the OneNote app. I’m using OneNote 2021 which is part of Microsoft Office for the PC. I’m NOT using Office 365. This is the standard MS Office you download or buy off the shelf that runs on my PC, NOT on the web. Are you saying Bitwarden does not support Microsoft Office?

How can I clean up the situation on Android so that Bitwarden always finds the correct match?

The #1 feature request is for Bitwarden to be able to auto-fill Windows (and Mac) desktop apps. “MS Office you download or buy off the shelf that runs on my PC” is an installed “desktop app” so, no, auto-fill does not work in Office 2021 on Windows 10.

Office 365 can operate either as an installed app (no auto-fill) and it can operate as a web app (yes/maybe auto-fill).

I was focusing my response on Windows 10, as indicated in your title, but you are right that Auto-fill (mostly) works on the mobile apps.