No auto start after latest update

Since the latest Bitwarden update the program no longer seems to start on Windows startup.
I have the following settings:
Vault timeout On Restart
Timeout action Lock
Unlock with Windows Hello
Start automatically on login

Bitwarden is enabled in Task Manager start up list.

Clicking on Bitwarden Icon brings up the login window and once logged in with biometrics everything appears to be working as it should.

All was fine until the latest update

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Have not explained myself properly:
The Bitwarden Application does start but it no longer brings up the Hello Login window.

I have got round the problem by uninstalling Bitwarden - re-installing the previous version and not updating.
Solves the problem but is an unsatisfactory solution.

@Hinton could this be related to the Hello biometrics prompt option that was added?

@tgreer The auto-prompt behavior was changed slightly in Add setting for disabling auto prompt of biometrics by Hinton · Pull Request #873 · bitwarden/desktop · GitHub, and it now verifies the window is visible before prompting.

@djj Mind if I ask what the benefit of unlocking at start up vs unlocking at first use?

@djj important note the desktop app doesn’t need to be unlocked to allow the browser extension to use biometrics :slight_smile:

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@Hinton & @tgreer
Thx for replies, am assuming the failure to prompt for login is due to the Do Not Prompt option, not sure what is meant by the “verifies the window is visible before prompting”
I don’t only use Bitwarden for browsers and suppose I’m lazy but when I login to my computer like my email,VPN & password apps to autostart as Lastpass did before I switched to Bitwarden which apart from my one little niggle is proving to be more reliable and consistent.