No "attachments" option while editing item (Premium account)

Hi. I’m puzzled as there is no “attachments” option just above the “notes” area when I create a new secure note (Chrome extension or Web vault). I can’t even add attachments when editing an item that already has attachments. I have a Premium account.

The only way to add one is to open the Web vault, then hover over an existing item, click the gear icon and then choose to add an attachment. That’s cumbersome as I much prefer using the browser extension (Chromium browser in Linux Peppermint).

Any idea? Should I bother tech support with my request?? I did spend over half an hour researching this… Check the attached screenshot as well please, for more clarity.

Check in settings to see if your premium status is reflected. If not, you can log out and back in, and your status will be updated and you’ll be able to add attachments.