NFC security key (Gen 5) follow up

I would like to request a code change to allow NFC security keys to be effective here.

I have seen a few threads here but none asking “BW Mgmt” this question. Let me confirm that I am asking about new NFC security keys (Gen 5) by Yubi. On my laptops they work fine with BW. My older Yubi Gen 4 NFC keys work fine on my Androids via NFC - perfectly in fact. I realize they are not security keys only, but I mention this so you know the phones and BW perform flawlessly that way. Let me also state that my Goggle accts have the same issue as BW with these new keys.

What would be the purpose for Yubi creating an NFC enabled security key IF the NFC aspect of using it doesn’t work with any mobile applications? With BW, or Google while on Android NFC I hear the little “pop” when I touch the element to my phone but the key just isn’t recognized at all. “Mgmt” is this a coding issue with Android and are any of you in the loop for when/IF this is something we will ever be able to use with BW. I was so disappointed to learn I basically threw my money out the window buying these apparently. I selected them to be ready for when Fido2 goes mainstream in the near future.

Are there any plans in the works for these to be useful here on BW? I love BW but I need to maintain mobile U2F security. Any help or advise appreciated.

I only have two more days to decide based upon any/no answers here. Yubi will take my security keys back if they don’t work. Anything in plans here or is “absolute silence” from mgmt my answer?