New user : no password change/add detected?

Currently deciding whether I should stay with Lastpass, or go for Bitwarden or 1Password. One thing that really annoys me about Bitwarden so far though (both in Edge in pc and Safari on OSX) is that Bitwarden seemingly never ‘sees’ if I enter a new password or change one. This works very well in Lastpass. I have passwords disabled in the browser itself btw, so that’s not the problem.

I’m looking for this functionality too, did you find if it existed in Bitwarden?

Sometimes it does work, sometimes not

There are many millions of websites with many ways of inputting passwords. Despite what some claim no password manager will be able to handle all of them without a bit of help. Anyone who claims that password manager X always works has simply never come across a site where that is not true.

Personally I have found a few sites where I had to give Bitwarden a bit of help by fine-tuning it, but after that logging in is easy. I wish that I didn’t have to occasionally bother my pretty little head with fine-tuning Bitwarden, but that generally only has to be done once. If it has to be done more than once that is due to the site owners making changes.

There is an excellent search tool here, which will reveal much advice on this subject.