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Hi I’m a new user and have been looking for a PWM that is fairly easy to use for my partner who is not very tech savvy. For me not so much of an issue as I can work around most problems. I tried Lastpass and Dashlane before Bitwarden and I settled on Bitwarden.

A couple of things stood out to me with regard to the Firefox Extension so I’ll list them for some feedback. There are other things as well but these should be simple fixes if the developers think they’re worth doing?

  1. Can we have a drop down list in the options so the user can select what they want as the startup page. So Tab or My Vault would be good. I know this has been raised before!

  2. There seems to be a disconnect with consistency between the Tab page and the My Vault / Login page where they show the login selections.
    On the Tab page when you select the “site name” it autofills and when you select the icon to the side called view you go to the view page. Now that seems logical to me!
    When you are in the My Vault / Login page if you select the “site name” it goes to the view page and selecting the icon opens the website. Why does selecting the “site name” do two different things depending on which page you are in?
    In my opinion selecting the “site name” should always do the main function of either open a website or autofill and then have a separate icon to view / edit

  3. A trivial thing I know but why is the cancel / close option in the view / edit page on the left hand side? Call me pedantic but the close “x” on any normal window or program is on the top right!

  4. Ok so now one operational quirk. If I have a site like Google and I have 4 users (A,B,C,D) to select from then if I have autofill turned on then I could select user D from the Google site list but Bitwarden will fill in the details from whatever is on the top of its autofill list which might be A. So obviously a failed login. To stop this and make me select the correct option I have turned off autofill.
    So now all ok unless I hit Ctrl+Shift+L. This will still populate with the details of whoever is at the the top of the Bitwarden list of A,B,C,D even though it can be a different a user? It might be handy with a multi user list to have the Ctrl + Shift + L bring up a warning box like “Multiple Users - Please Select From The Bitwarden Tab List”

Thanks and all the best. I’m sure it’s not an easy job!

@upsidedown When you have muliple logins for the same Website let’s say Google. If you press Ctrl+Shift+L Bitwarden will automatically autofill the last used Credential for that Website. But if you keep hitting Ctrl+Shift+L Bitwarden cycles thorugh all different logins for that page.


Thanks, @upsidedown - welcome!

I tossed this into the support section for the time being. We like to keep each individual request in its own topic. :sunglasses:

Just a couple of quick notes on your questions:

  1. The Tab page is automatically generated based on matching items. The idea is that you’d like to fill in the credentials from this page. The Vault page can do everything else, so the behavior is based on the idea that if you don’t want to fill something, you’d want to see the details to copy/paste/etc.

  2. Not if you’re on a Mac :wink:

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Thanks for that info that’s good to know.


You learn something new everyday!