New TOTP Intent Handler (Android)

Feature Name

New TOTP Intent Handler on Android

Feature function

This feature will allow Bitwarden to ‘intake’ new, incoming TOTP URIs from Android apps seeking to setup a TOTP code for an account in their app. This TOTP URI would then be added to an existing (or new) account that a user selects/creates on a subsequent screen.

For example, in CashApp, there is a button labeled, “Open authenticator app” that, when clicked, either opens the user’s default Authenticator app (if only one); otherwise it presents a list of possible Authenticator apps to choose from.

This functionality is invoked using an Android Intent. Here’s the intent data taken from a real-world logcat dump when tapping on the CashApp’s, “Open authenticator app:”

data=otpauth://totp/Cash App:username_redacted?secret=REALLY_LONG_TOTP_KEY_GOES_HERE_REDACTED&issuer=Cash App&algorithm=SHA1&digits=6&period=30

Bitwarden should be able to handle these, “activity picker” intents in order to provide a full Android integration experience. (Please ensure the Android app’s experience is just as good, if not better, than iOS and Windows!)