New password suggestion

I can from Lastpass and one thing i am missing in Bitwarden is it doesn’t suggest new strong password when you are changing your old password or creating a new login.
I can see in the help vidoe that you can open the vault and under edit field you can change the password but then you have to copy the password and save it in the password change screen. This makes it difficult as now most of the websites or apps doesn’t allow copy paste feature due to security reasons (mostly banks websites). In Lastpass it suggest the new random password and auto paste it in the new password field and the confirm new password field and then offer to save it.

I cannot believe this has not been done yet. I thought this would be a good option but looks like it’s not. I need automation and syncing

Has this been implemented? Im tempted to just use Chrome/Firefox password managers for mobile and desktop so I don’t have to flip back and forth apps for password suggestions

Thanks for the feedback everyone, it has been passed along to the team. For now, if you are using Firefox or Opera, you can keep the sidebar open for a persistent experience, or alternatively pop out the window.

There is also a generate icon on the password field to easily create new credentials.

There is not currently a universal/open standard for auto-updating passwords on all websites (this involves a lot of manual/custom work) my personal approach is to make changes in my vault and then using the sidebar, then hit the copy icon and paste into the change password field.

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