New Issue (Appeared Today) with using YubiKey

Hi! I have been happily using my YubiKey with Brave Browser with the Bitwarden extension and suddenly after typing in my master password it does not prompt me to push my button on my key but rather gives an error “NotAllowedError:WebAuthn is not supported on sites with TLS certificate errors” (See picture).

I am on Windows 10 and have never seen this error till today. Can someone help me resolve this?

As a side note, I was able to log in with the YubiKey on the Bitwarden website and Protonmail just fine.

I was also able to log in on the extension by selecting a second authentication method and then choosing the Yubikey option and then pushing the button to fill in the blank space.

This looks like the same issue that was reported by a few other users using Brave and Edge browsers in this thread:


It looks like a fix was finalized two days ago and should be available in the next release.