Edge extension webauthn issue

after updating the number of iterations for the pbkdf2 to 200000 from the webvault, i get a “NotAllowedError: WebAuthn is not supported on sites with TLS certificate errors” error from the edge extension when trying to log in using a yubikey. oddly, only edge has this issue. firefox and chrome both work just fine.

Hey @waf I haven’t bumped into that one yet but feel free to contact the support team at https://bitwarden.com/contact/ or drop a bug report on Github for review: Issues · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

FWIW I just made this change myself, was signed out of the web-vault and the MS Edge extension.
Once signed back in to the Edge extension was required for 2FA with my Yubikey 5C and was promptly logged in to my vault.

Can you verify that your browser and extension are up to date?

yep, browser and extension are both up to date. i’m using the edge dev channel (v110.0.1587.1) and i also removed and re-installed the extension directly from the bitwarden site and the msft and chrome store.