New install self-hosted - Items are not saved or unable to see it

Hi, I’m self-hosting my Bitwarden vault for the 1st time. Debian in a virtual machine under Proxmox. Unfortunately, I can see added items in my Android app and in the browser extension (Firefox), but logging in via browser under, they are all gone. Looks totally fresh to me.

When I try to find out it’s synced or just has the old status, I get a sync failure from the Android app and browser extension. I’m so frustrated after 4 days of investigation.

I need help please or Bitwarden is nothing for me due to this 1st time experience. I already signed for Premium, but no support to find. May I’m doing something totally wrong with Bitwarden.

Thank you in advance.

yeah self-hosting can be a bit challenging!
(Personally it took me a while to realize that the bitwarden update script couldn’t handle space characters in the path under windows)…

going back to the issue you are describing it seems that you already had bitwarden working (probably against their public servers) before you tried to make your own local install and your android app and browser client are not configured properly to hit your local install…

my suggestion:

  1. just confirm with 100% certainty that your self-hosted setup works…
    using a browser on your linux box, access the your self-hosted url (the one that looks blank), register a new user under a different name, create 1 record, save it, close the session, reaccess it to confirm it is 100% operational. all along save your exact url including ports and protocols (ie: …
  2. confirm your android device can hit your self-hosted url.
    from the same android device that you are trying to sync up the bitwarden app… Use a plain browser to access your self-hosted url…
    2.1. if you can’t resolve the url that’s your problem
    -> fix your dns/hosts
    2.2 . if you can resolve it but you get a certificate warning, that’s your problem
    -> fix your lets’encrypt (good luck, that’s a pain!)
    2.3. if you can resolve and login and see your newly created account in 1,
    -> open the app but before typing your login/password click on the tiny-barely-visible-gray-cog-symbol and update the url to match exactly what you cut and paste from the previous test in your browser in step 1