New Hostname option in the cli

On trying to use the new serve --hostname option I get an error:


As far as I understood from the official bitwarden documentation, I should be able to use any hostname with the --hostname option
But it seems like it does not work that way or am I doing something wrong ?
Can someone please advise ?

Thank you!

Hello @speech2256 - welcome!

That error is telling you that your computer can’t find the IP address of the server you have identified with the hostname you have provided.

Bitwarden will accept any valid hostname, but it has to accurately resolve to the machine you are accessing. Do you have a registered hostname that can be resolved to an IP address with your DNS provider?

Hello @dh024
thank you for the reply,

I don’t have a valid hostname yet, what if I use as an example?
if not, what should I do in order to use the --hostname option ?
Could you please advise ?

You can just use localhost if you are not connecting to a named host. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but that may be the default anyways, so it may just use your local machine if you entirely omit that option. Cheers.

yes, localhost is the default hostname and it works fine.
ok, I think I got the idea about the --hostname option.
thank you!

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