Need to unlock and switch to the correct account before using autofill

I’m using the current Bitwarden app on Android, and am signed in to several accounts.

When I tap “Bitwarden My Vault” above the keyboard to select credentials to fill into a web page or web app, I get a screen showing “Items for x.y.z”, but with no option to switch to a different account.

So I may need to open the Bitwarden app, switch accounts (so use my fingerprint to unlock a second time), and return to the app before I can fill in the proper credentials…

Is this simply How It Works™, or am I missing something?

Hello @ejain , your issue has been discussed in an earlier thread by a user reporting similar problem. I had shared a possible workaround for it in the time being , please refer it here


Even better it appears this is something that has been changed in the most current release.

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I am on the latest release on android 2.18 ,i checked it now but it shows only the last used account. For some reason it doesn’t show me the account switching icon as it appears in the help article.

Release Version 2022.05.0 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub also mentions that this has been addressed, so I’m guessing this will be in the next release (2.18.1?).

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You can see how account switching during auto-fill on Android works here.