Need help to install Bitwarden on a Raspberry PI

I try to install bitwarden on my Raspberry PI 3 Model B.
Docker is up and running and the “Hello World” image is working.

When I try to install bitwarden I get this:

[email protected]:~ $ ./ install
Docker version 18.06.1-ce, build e68fc7a
docker-compose version 1.22.0, build f46880f

(!) Enter the domain name for your Bitwarden instance (ex. localhost

1.23.0: Pulling from bitwarden/setup
be8881be8156: Pull complete
f854db899319: Pull complete
4591fd524b8e: Pull complete
14336e411562: Pull complete
a55a2b87687a: Pull complete
92ee6e6d5bff: Pull complete
b20c1bcdd43b: Pull complete
5402f2151810: Pull complete
b19dadfe884b: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:44a80069be05ea45458ecf111c4866145665c9333284a3b277cbcd9992ee4df1
Status: Downloaded newer image for bitwarden/setup:1.23.0
standard_init_linux.go:190: exec user process caused "exec format error"

Is there any body out there who could help me?

Kind Regards

ARM architecture is not supported. You need x86.

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I just saw this. I was hoping to have a small box to host my BitWarden stack on. What is the feasibility of cross-compiling the source code with GCC for use on ARM processors?

Arg… yes I know hard to maintain and keep up to date. Too bad.


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Is there any chance to make it running on armhf architecture?